The overall approach taken for this initiative SAMHSA’s Policy Academy mechanism with the Foundation’s Action Network strategy. Through the Policy Academy framework, multi-disciplinary teams of senior-level policymakers and stakeholders from states around the country were convened to learn about critical issues associated with diverting youth with behavioral health disorders out of the juvenile justice system. These teams developed strategic plans to enhance their state’s ability to achieve better outcomes, increase access to appropriate care, close gaps and build system capacity, increase interagency communication and collaboration, and incorporate evidence-based and best practices into systems and services. Consistent with the Foundation’s Action Network strategy, multi-jurisdictional teams identified key issues and barriers to developing improved policies and programs that cut across the states. Through the Action Network, these multi-jurisdictional teams worked together to develop and implement innovative strategies and approaches to address the identified issues. A key benefit to this Action Network approach is the development of innovative solutions to cross-site issues that can be disseminated and used by a variety of jurisdictions across the country.